Maxima Grupė will buy the remaining shares of Emperia Holding S.A.

Maxima Grupė, having completed the deal to acquire Polish company Emperia Holding S.A. after which it became the main shareholder, exercised the right to acquire the remaining shares of the company. Emperia Holding S.A. runs the retail chain Stokrotka.

The right to buy out small shareholders is provided in the relevant Polish legislation that regulates both the procedure and the pricing rules. Under the law, small shareholders of Emperia Holding S.A. must sell their shares of the company (to squeeze out) at the request of Maxima Grupė.

Maxima Grupė will pay 100 PLN for one Emperia Holding S.A. share, i.e. the same price at which the main shareholding was acquired during the public offering. This price is determined in accordance with the legal provisions.

The acquisition of the remaining shares of Emperia Holding S.A. will be completed in the near future, when the settlement with small shareholders of the company will be finished and the ownership of shares will be transferred to Maxima Grupė.



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